Racial Justice in the Labor Movement

Movements for racial justice, civil rights, and workers rights have overlapped in the past. Come learn how unions have been at the forefront of winning civil rights on the job for decades.  

April Sims - Secretary-Treasurer
WA State Labor Council, AFL-CIO


Immigration in the Labor Movement

How the movement for immigrants’ rights and the labor movement can continue to learn from each other and increase each others strengths through radical solidarity.  

Julieta Garibay - United We Dream 

Niciele Marques- Unite Here


Service Model to an Organizing Model Through Contract Negotiation.

The service model and the organizing model are the two dominant models in the contemporary labor movement. In this workshop, union leaders will discuss how their union operates within these models, and how they are adapting to changing times.  

Larry Williams, Jr. - Sierra Club/ 

Progressive Workers’ Union 

Ryan Pollock - IBEW 520


Labor History and the Attack on Unions

Corporations have been attacking the rights of workers to organize for hundreds of years. This workshop will take a look at the historical precedent for the contemporary attacks on organized labor, and discuss how we can build power in our workplace.  



Leadership Development

The labor movement needs leaders: come learn the skills you need to be an effective leader in your community and your workplace.  

David Lopez Jr. - IUEC Local 21

Sam Nelson - Jobs With Justice


Why You Should Vote - Issues That Impact You and Your Community

Our elected officials make laws that create the climate we organize and negotiate in. Come learn how to participate in the electoral process and identify tools you can bring back to your labor community.  

Jamarr Brown - Planned Parenthood Texas Votes


How to be a Good Coalition Partner: Building Intentional Relationships

We are stronger when they work together, but nobody wants to do more than their share of the work. Come learn what makes our Unions and community organizations good coalition partners and how to build intentional relationships with allied community organizations to create change.  

Lorraine Montemayor
Dallas AFL-CIO
Nirav Sanghani - Texas New Era


Environmental Justice and the Green/Blue Movement

How can we work together to build a sustainable future for everyone? Learn about how building an alliance between environmental organizations and the labor movement can create a brighter tomorrow for all.  

Dave Cortez - Texas Coordinator, Clean Energy For All, Sierra Club

Living Wage.jpg

Common Sense Economics

This workshop will take a look at how neoliberalism impacts young workers in the U.S. and how we need to create policies that help make the American dream become a reality.  Come learn how we can build global connections, solidarity, and movements that make an economy that works for all of us here and around the globe.  

Artie Blanco - AFL-CIO

Amanda Cavazos Weems - Texas AFL-CIO